Top 10 Traditional Irish Pubs

Dublin pubs are full of Traditional & Culture where you can be guaranteed to have genuine ‘Craic’. Here are our Top 10 Traditional Irish Pubs in Dublin that come highly recommended by The Castle Hotel:

1) The Brazen Head

Located at Lower Bridge Street, this Pub as legend has it is known as the Pub that Robin Hood drank is and it is the oldest pub in the city dating as far back 1198! It is popular for its old fashioned style with low ceilings and rustic furniture. If you are looking for the true Irish pub experience then the Brazen Head Pub should be your first port of call.

2) Sinnott’s Bar

 Located on Kings Street on Dublin’s Southside Sinnot’s Bar was named the winner of the famous James Joyce pub award stating that it is an authentic Dublin Pub. The walls inside this fabulous pub are filled with pictures of Dublin’s most famous historic icons such as Michal Collins. The bar is known for its delicious Pub food and live music; the pub is well worth stopping by.

3) Bruxelles

Located just off Grafton on Harry Street, it is also another traditionally decorated Irish pub where friendly staff welcomes you and affordable drinks are also been served. During the weekdays a blues band plays or a selection of contemporary and classic rock and roll. Unlike most pubs, Bruxelles opens until 1:30 during weekdays and is open until 2:30am on weekends which makes it very popular to people looking for a late night out! The bar has a great reputation for a great night out and a good nights drinking. It is the perfect place to start your night out in Dublin,!

4) The Duke Bar

Is located just over O’Connell Bridge off Grafton Street. The pub has been on site since 1492 and is also mentioned in Joyce’s masterpiece “Ulysses”.
One of the main meeting points for the famous Literary Pub Crawl which has been very popular to many people, as it is located off Grafton Street, it is the perfect place to site, relax and enjoy a beer after a day of shopping!

5)  Brogans Bar

Is located on Dame Street in the Temple Bar are.  The bar is filled with lots of Guinness merchandise to give you more of an Irish cultural experience. Tuesday night tends to be the most popular night with a “Write & Recite” poetry night taken place, this is a competition for the best poem and prizes are given away to each winner. The bar is known to be a great spot to begin a night out in Dublin’s city centre. & is very popular venue to stop at if you have been to see a show at the Olympia Theatre.

6) The Stag’s Head

The Stag’s Head is located on Dame Street, which is a 15 minutes walk from The Castle Hotel, it opened during the 1870’s and was the first pub to have electricity in Dublin. It sought its name from the Stag’s head, which is behind the bar. The famous Irish writer James Joyce was known to have a pint or two here.
7) The Old Stand

This pub is located at 37 Exchequer Street, it is a slightly more modern compared to the typical traditional Irish Bar. The bar offers a delicious menu and is also known as a “Rugby Bar” where year after year the premises are a shrine to rugby enthusiasts, before and after the internationals at Lansdowne Road.

8) Kehoe’s Pub

Located on South Anne Street, it is owned by native Dubliners and it is known for its charm and lively atmosphere. The setting of the Pub is cosy as if you are in the comfort of your own living room and the mahogany drawers behind the bar once stored teas, coffees and other household provisions. A great place to sit back and relax with a creamy pink of Guinness.

9) The Long Hall Bar

Located on Georges Street, near the Temple Bar area.  This bar is old, quiet and cosy and contains Victorian features, with old muskets surrounding the walls and antique style paintings, this will take you back to the old traditional pub atmosphere which nowadays can be hard to find. This pub is the perfect place to relax with a Brandy after a long hard.
10) Cassidy’s

Located on Camden Street this is also a more traditional old fashioned bar compared to the modern style bars nowadays that you find in Dublin’s City centre it has a worm cosy atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy a pint. The Bar also offers some delicious pub food to get your taste buds going! This pub is well worth a visit and is well known for the visit of President Bill Clinton in the 1990’s.

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