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Do Dublin Bus Tour

Do Dublin 'Hop On Hop Off' Tour Part 1

The Hop on Hop off Tour that I experienced on the 16th February 2017 was amazing and I got to know more about Dublin and its history, at this date I only know the old buildings in Dublin and the city center, but during the tour I discovered some modern buildings and beautiful designs.
First of all, I got the Do Dublin bus on O’Connell Street ate 11 o’clock. The bus driver was a chatty gentleman and he was keeping us concentrated on the tour, and explaining about the big rebellion that took place in Dublin. My first stop was in Trinity College to see the famous Book of Kells, I found very interesting the fact that the Trinity College is the oldest college in Dublin and it is also a beautiful place with a relaxing green area which I guess is a good place to visit during the summer.
The Book of Kells is completely amazing, the area where the Book is keep the tourist interested on its history, there is many artefacts that brings us to the past. I loved the fact that they keep the history save, and going up through the stairs there, I got in to the library, and I had the feeling that I was in the Harry Potter movie, I completely love the library because it brings us to the past and make me think about how many people where there before, how many stories happened there, etc.

Gabrielly Pereira