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Jeanie Johnson

Traditional Story Telling Bus

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Climb on board Dublin’s traditional Irish storytelling bus and take a magical journey through Irelands past and listen to the great stories and myth’s told from Irish history.

The first stop on this magical journey is to Beann Eadair. Gaze across to the small lighthouse at Howth Head, which is a known place for mermaid and merman spotting. It is said that although mermaids are known to be  a beautiful creature, the merman are not as nice, they have the tail of a fish, the torso of a man, fins for arms, tiny ears and the snout of a pig!

Learn about Conn of the hundred battles, which was the high king of Ireland and drive back to a land of Morgan the giant while enjoying a complimentary drink.

Your journey will then continue to Clontarf, where one of Ireland’s biggest battles took place including the end of the Viking rule in Ireland and it was also where one of Ireland most famous kings Brien Boru, was killed. It was also known for its flora and fauna.

Find out the stories of the legend Fionn MacCumahaill who was the leader of the Fianna band of warriors who served the high king of Ireland. They followed the motto “Purity of our hearts, Strength of our limbs, Action to match our speech.”

Your tour will finish at the Church bar, where Arthur Guinness got married.

Departure: College Green Tourist Office

Start time: 19:15pm

Duration: 2 Hours

Cost of Tour: €25.00 per person

Traditional Story Telling Bus Map