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Jeanie Johnson

Bank Of Ireland, College Green

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The Bank of Ireland, College Green, (opposite the main entrance to Trinity College) was originally the Irish Parliament Building.

The building was built in 1729 and was the world's first purpose built two chamber (the House of Commons and the House of Lords) parliament building..

The building was sold to the Bank of Ireland for £40,000 when the Irish parliament voted itself out of existence at the start of the 19th century (the Act of Union),

Many architects have admired the building and have copied features of its design and incorporated it into buildings around the world, such as the British Museum in London and Capitol Hill in Washington.

First enjoy the building from the outside, it is regarded as one of Dublin's finest. Note the cannons outside the entrance, these are actually real as the Bank of Ireland used to have its own militia. The front entrance of the building consists of rows of columns extending around three sides to form a portico, three statues representing Hibernia (The Latin name for Ireland) Fidelity and commerce sit atop

Take a visit and see the preserved Chamber of the House of Lords which remains much as it would have looked in the 1730s and contains tapestries, a carved-oak fireplace and the elaborate chandelier, which consists of 1,233 separate pieces of glass.

Opening hours: Monday- Wednesday & Friday 10am-4pm, Thursday 10am -5pm.

Guided Tours: Tuesdays: 10:30am, 11:30am, & 1:45pm or by appointment.

Admission is free.

Bank Of Ireland, College Green Map