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Jeanie Johnson

Dublin Castle

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Established in 1204, Dublin Castle is amongst the oldest surviving architecture in Ireland.

The Castle was largely rebuild in 1684 after a fire where it lost some of the old medieval Structure...

The twin towered entrance was replaced with the Bedford Tower, where originally the castle would have been equipped with the portcullis and a drawbridge. This is where the Crown Jewels were stolen in 1907 and they have not been seen since. Fortitude and Justice are the statues which stand over the gates of Dublin Castle

The Bermingham Tower and the adjoining buildings at Dublin Castle served as the main cells and the dungeon block. Sir William Bermingham was arrested and imprisoned here in 1331. Only the base of the Bermingham Tower has not been changed, the upper levels of the tower were rebuilt in 1777 after an explosion at the nearby armoury.

Today, this prestigious city centre site is host to state-of-the-art conference and dining facilities.

The State Apartments are among the most prestigious in the country and can be seen as part of a guided tour for which tickets may be purchased from the Apartments in the Upper Castle Yard.

You can freely explore the grounds of Dublin castle, including the gardens.

The Chapel Royal, Chester Beatty Library, Garda Museum and the Revenue Museum are also free.

Dublin Castle Map