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Jeanie Johnson

Geological Museum at Trinity College

Geological Museum
The Geology Department houses teaching and research collections the first of which were acquired by Trinity in 1777. Currently the collections comprise over 100,000 specimens. The main palaeontological holdings include Irish Silurian and Carboniferous invertebrates, Mesozoic ostracods, and Upper Palaeozoic miospores. The rock and mineral collections largely date from the 1820s and contains both Irish and foreign specimens.

A number of displays on topical aspects of Geology can be seen in the entrance hall. The hallway also contains skeletons of the iconic Pleistocene mammal, the giant Irish Deer, and various Irish and foreign decorative stones make up the pillars and the staircase.

The Geological Museum is situated on the top floor of the Department of Geology.

The exhibition The Story of the Earth contains displays covering the complete range of geological topics, and is suitable for school parties, university parties, and the general public.

The Geological Museum is open from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Located 10/12 minutes walk from the Castle Hotel or can be reached by frequent nearby bus stops.

Department of Geology, 
Trinity College, 
Dublin 2.

Geological Museum at Trinity College Map