Temple Bar

Temple Bar - Also knowns as Ireland's premier cultural quarter.

A quick history of the area -
The Vikings settled here as far back as 795 A.D. Their settlement remains can still be seen in places such as Dublin Castle. 800 years later, the English diplomat and chancellor of Trinity College, Sir William Temple, had his residence and gardens here. By the end of the 17th century the name had stuck and Temple Bar was born.

The Temple Bar area is a square on the south bank of the River Liffey with off-shooting streets and narrow laneways. They’re lined with boutiques, cafes, galleries and pubs, and at any time of year, packed with culture-vultures and party-seekers. It’s the city’s playground, and it has a lot going on. Temple Bar is the centre of Dublin’s cultural universe. It’s easily the most 'European' part of Dublin. Whatever the weather, you will find trendy Dublin types sipping their chai soy lattes on the pavement in front of one of the many cafes and snack bars. During the day and at night, life in Temple Bar takes place in the street, more than in any other part of Dublin.

If you are looking for a drink or a bite to eat, this is the place to go. The choice is staggering. From relaxed cafes to formal dining, from Italian, Asian, Creole gumbos, Modern European, traditional Irish home cooking to pizza and gourmet burgers - Everything is available in Temple Bar.

Temple Bar also has the highest density of pubs of in Dublin City, will you be able to literally step out of one pub and straight into the next one without as much as hitting the pavement in between. Temple Bar pubs are always busy and you are almost guaranteed to never have a dull moment. You will also find street musicians, playing their hearts out for the revellers hopping from pub to pub. The rhythmic sounds of Irish trad music may tempt you in for a pint and a dance.

‚ÄčNo matter what you are looking you, you will find it in Temple Bar.

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