Tayto Park

Tayto Park is located on 55 acres and is an educational and activity based experience for families. It also includes a comprehensive visit to the Tayto Factory (Tayto is a major Irish crisps and popcorn manufacturer) The Park offers over 100 attractions but is also the main draws are the animals: porcupines, Emus, wild cat, buffalo, highland cattle and many more make this a real safari adventure in Ireland . The Park also has restaurant, a teahouse and a gift shop.

Tour the Tayto Factory
Take the famous tour of the Tayto Factory and see how Ireland’s favourite crisps are made and learn all the guarded secrets from Mr.Tayto himself Here you will get to see the inside of The Tayto Factory and see the full process of how the crisps and snacks are made.

The Animals
Tayto Plains is an open area: It includes many rare breeds of farm animals such as Jacob, Manx & Soay Sheep, Highland Cattle, Pygmy Goats, the cutest of Vietnamese Pot Belly Pigs and many, many more.

Mr. Tayto Critter Country:  A wooded area where exotic animals like the Ocelots, Coatimundi, Ria and Racoons live.

Pet-Tayto Corner:  Houses the "petting animals" sleep including 10 types of rabbits, 5 types of ducks, 5 types of geese, 5 types of pheasants, 10 different types of rare birds and lots of especially colourful and unusual hens.

Buffalo Ridge: Home to some of the 250 farmed herd of buffalo and can be enjoyed from the Viewing Platform while listening to the talking telescope and learning lots of fun facts about them.

The Tiny Taters Patch: Especially for the under-five. It includes a spiral climbing hill, a mini maze and a playground for little ones.

The Pow Wow Playground:  Suitable for slightly older children, complete with lots of equipment to climb, swing on and slide down.

Native American Village
Native American Village and learn how Mr Tayto himself found a love for everything Native American.  So what you see in Tayto Park today is a little flavour of the life and culture of our tribal friends from America; from the master craftsmanship of the Totem Poles, the ingenuity of the Tipi’s to the spirit of their native animals

Eagle Sky Adventure Zone
Why not get your adrenaline pumping and visit the Eagle Sky Adventure Zone where you can conquer the many obstacles and challenges ahead. Experience the fastest and longest zip wire in Ireland or climb the 18 meter tumbler slide, fly like and eagle on the first High Ropes Course of its kind in Ireland.

Geronimo Thrill Zone
Crispy Creek Mining Company: Each person receives a 2kg bag of sand containing rare stones and pans the sand through flowing water to uncover their rare stones. Will you find the hidden gems?

The Super Soakers (Seasonal): Have fun with your friends with air cannons and water balloons. Can you hit your opponent’s target?

Mr. Tayto’s Wacky Rodeo: Ride on your own bucking buffalo bronco, who can stay on the longest?

Training Wall:  Climb up to 30 feet on the Superhero training wall and get a bird’s eye view of Tayto Park.

Tayto Air Jumpers:  Spring up 18 feet in the air on the exhilarating Tayto Air Jumpers

Teahouse in the tree house
There aren’t many other places where you can grab a cup of tea in a tree!  With platforms, rope bridges and a real Tree House full of sweet treats and home-made ice-cream, it’s a great place to hang out and get a bird’s eye view of Tayto Park.

The Lodge
The 18,000 sq ft Lodge building has something for everyone…

The Lodge Restaurant: Serving quality food from breakfast and lunches all day to soups and sandwiches and Carvery dinners.

Shops: Don’t forget to visit the Tayto Merchandise shop full of toys and gifts that you will never get anywhere else. You can also perchance oral Kiely Stationary, Shannon Bridge Pottery, Brooke & Shoals Candles and Toys from National Geographic. You can also purchase a selection of locally sourced artisan food and try Ireland’s only free range home-reared bison steaks and burgers.

Admission Fees:
online reservations required

Adult: €10
Child: €10
Additional needs: €8
Career: free of charge
Child under 3 years: free of charge

Opening Hours:

Friday to Sunday 10am to 6pm


Tayto Park, 
A84 EA02

Tayto Park is located 30 minute drive from the Castle Hotel
Public transport can also be taken, our front desk staff will be able to guide you on these.

Map & Directions
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