Dalkey Island

Dalkey Island is an island located off the south coast of Ireland for which the nearby village of Dalkey is named. The name i derived from the Irish deilg and inis meaning Thorn Island as it is shaped like a Thorn. 

The island is small at just 25-acres and is currently uninhabited but human occupation dates back to the Neolithic period of which there is evidence all over the island.

A deep ditch or fosse that was the boundary of a medieval Promontory Fort can be found at the Island's northernmost tip.

Field systems, a church dedicated to Saint Benedict, a cairn burial, a gun battery with three 24 pound cannons, and the Martello Tower are still standing.

A bullaun stone made from an earthbound boulder is also present. Located near the churches ruins , It was 'Christianised' in the 7th century by carving an early Christian cross on its face, it may also have been used as a pagan altar.

There are two Holy Wells, one on the western shoreline is known locally as the "Scurvy Well" and is located within a surrounding stone structure. In the nineteenth century, the well near the church was believed to be effective in curing ocular ailments.

Although the island has no human inhabitants, it has an abundance of wildlife including a colony of seals which has greatly expanded in recent years. Rabbits and a herd of wild goats live on the island also. Many of Ireland’s breeding and coastal birds can be seen on the island, such as the Cormorant, Collared Dove, Dunnock, Mallard, Razorbill, Shelduck and many more.

The waters surrounding Dalkey Island are popular for sailing, fishing, and diving. Kayakers love the southern end of the island, especially when the tide is high.

You can visit Dalkey Island during the summer months courtesy of a ferry service which runs regularly from Coliemore Harbour.


Dalkey Island

Dalkey Island is located a 45-minute drive from the Castle Hotel.

Public transport can also be taken, our front desk staff will be able to guide you on these.

Map & Directions
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