Casino at Marino

The name 'Casino' is the diminutive form of the 18th-century Italian word 'Casa', meaning 'House', thus the Casino at Marino is a 'Little House' located in Marino, Dublin.

Located in Marino, 3 miles north of the city centre, off the Malahide Road, this house was built between 1750s and 1775. It was designed by Scottish architect Sir William Chambers for James Caulfeild, the 1st Earl of Charlemont. Caulfield was taken with all things Italian and decided to add a 'little house' to his estate.  The house is considered to be one of the finest 18th century neo-classical buildings in Europe.

Keeping in mind the meaning of the word casino, the house only measures fifty feet square to the outer columns and seen from the outside, the building has the appearance of a single roomed structure, however this is an illusion, because the house actually contains 16 beautifully decorated rooms spanning over three floors, each room is endlessly rich in subtlety and design. Both in terms of structure and history this house really is a remarkable building.

Casino at Marino is easy accessible from the city centre with Dublin Bus 27, 14, 15 and 42.

Opening Hours:

Mar-May & October:  
Open daily 10am - 5pm
June - Sep:
Open Daily 10am - 6pm

Oct - Mar: 7am - 7pm
Apr & Sep: 7am - 8pm
May - Aug: 7am - 9pm 

Admission Fees:

Adult: €7
Sen/Group: €5
Child/Student: €3
Family: €12


Casino Marino
Cherrymount Crescent
Dublin 3

Image: Failte Ireland

Map & Directions
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