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Christmas Pantomime

The Helix Panto - Beauty and The Beast

24th November - 21st January 2017/2018 at The Helix

TheatreworX Productions return to The Helix this Christmas for yet another Christmas Panto success with their hilarious adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.
Starring Orla Jennings as Beauty and Chris Corron as The Beast and causing as much trouble as possible; Paul Byrom will be rocking in the role of Gaston. There will also be a sensory friendly production of this panto which include no sudden noises or bangs, softer and brighter lighting, and music at a suitable level. There will be no flashing merchandise available in the venue during these times. This will be a great time to take the little ones who do not like the big extravaganza! The full show will run from 24th November 2017 To 21st January 2018, please check for dates on the sensory productions.

Tickets are from €19.50

Rapunzel Pantomime

26th November until 7th January - The Gaiety Theatre 


The Gaiety Theatre has hosted the annual Christmas Panto each year since 1873
A pantomime extravaganza with singing, dancing and laugh out loud shenanigans - hair, there and everywhere!  Join us as we follow Rapunzel on her hair-larious and hair-raising adventures as she tries to escape her Evil-Stepmother who has locked her away in the secret tower. 

Polly & The Beanstalk

25th December until 14th January at The Olympia Theatre 

For the past two years Al Porter has had audiences rolling in the aisles first at “Freezin’” and especially last years “The Ugly Sisters & Yer Wan” which broke all box office records for Panto at The Olympia.  Polly & The Beanstalk will again be written by Al Porter & Karl Spain, and will feature an All-Star cast headed by our very own Ostrich Jockey & Fair City heartthrob Ryan Andrews.
Join in from Friday 15th of December until Sunday the 14th of January for this laugh out loud show in The Olympia Theatre! 

Sleeping Beauty

7th December - 14th January at The Tivoli Theatre

Starting from December 7th until January 14th do not miss out on this wonderful panto!
Join Alan Huges from TV's Ireland Am and a huge cast behind him find Auroa to wake her from the wicked curse from Maleficent! 
Cheer them all on this winter time :)

Little Red Riding Hood Christmas Pantomime

15th - 18th December at Liberty Hall Dublin

Fairytale Village is the ideal place to grow up, located in the heart of the Enchanted Woods there’s fresh air, friendly villagers and lots of places for Little Red and her friends to get into mischief! But things aren’t quite what they seem in Fairytale Village…
When a mysterious stranger comes to visit, events take a sinister turn: locals start going missing. At night, the woods are filled with the howls of a wolf, and Granny’s cottage, which once seemed so safe and inviting, now seems an awful long trek to take on a cold dark night. It’s going to take a new kind of hero to save the day and figure this one out – a hero in a hood.
Filled with fantastic songs, dramatic dance routines and jam-packed with jokes, Little Red Riding Hood is an adventure not to be missed this Christmas.