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Riverdance - The 20th Anniversary Tour 2014

Performing at the Gaiety Theatre from 23rd June to 26th August 2014

Riverdance is back at the Gaiety Theatre - the show will take place from 23rd June to 26th August 2014- as part of the Riverdance 20th Anniversary Tour.

Riverdance first kicked off in May of 1994 at the National Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin and the performance prompted the establishment of a show to be merged together. Following that the Riverdance was soon becoming widespread across the country and it continued to grow in its full length show. The Irish Music and Song that was performed during the shows was catching the hearts of many viewers and audiences.

Now the Riverdance show have 3 different shows taking place in different places at the one time to keep up with the demand. The 3 different shows have their own different name, each which have been taken from Irish Rivers and the latest one to be named, 'The Liffey Company'.

If you like Irish Music and Dance, you are going to love the Riverdance!

Tickets for this show are priced from 20 Euro per ticket.