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Fifth Annual Scientific Meeting of the Faculty of Pain Medicine

21st - 23rd February 2013 in the College of Anaesthetists and the Convention Centre in Dublin.

The Faculty of Pain Medicine in association with the College of Anaesthetists are organising the 5th Annual Scientific Meeting in Ireland in February 2013. The meeting is geared towards those in the health care industry who recognise chronic pain as a disease and are dedicated to the provention and handling of the problem. It will kick off on the evening of the first day (Thursday) at 7.30pm in the College of Anaesthetists in Merrion Square. The opening annual lecture will be led by Professor Michael Cousins and is entitled "The Future of Pain Medicine", it will be followed by a short Conferring Ceremony. The second day will also be held in the College and will entail a number of  lectures and symposiums dealing with the research and development of pain management. There is a GP and Multidisciplinary refreshers course in the evening for those who want to brush up on there knowledge on pain relief management. Saturday is the final day but the most concentrated on the issues facing the industry. It will be opened by Dr Josh Keaveny address in the morning and will consist of 3 modules of key note addresses, lectures, discussions and interactive Q&As. All in all the 3 days will be an excellent basis and educational hub for the continued progress in awareness of chronic pain.