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9th European Cytogenetics Conference

29th June - 2nd July 2013 in The Convention Centre Dublin

The 2013 conference, due to be held in Dublin's fair city will offer cytogeneticists from all throughout Europe, a forum and an opportunity to congregate and discuss the major key factors affecting the sector at present. They will be able to share and deliberate the newest and most effective and of course most exciting innovations that have been currently discovered and come to market. The developments within the last year range from applications in prenatal or cancer diagnosis to chromosome biology in epigenetics and evolution. The plenary discussions and Q&A's will hopefully prove enigmatic and beneficial and all topics covered will no doubt lend to more new developements in the year to come. The programme synopsis for the conference has promised a number of excellent keynote speakers and plenty of interaction between delegates.  The 4 days will be made up of a mix of plenary sessions, oral presentations, poster presentations, lectures, debates and a number of symposiums. The conference will then culminate on Tuesday Midday with the closing ceremony led by Chairs J. Garcia-Sagredo - D. Betts.